EZ Wick System
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EZ Wick System

The Serious Tool for the Serious Candle Maker



Thank you for visiting our web site. The EZ Wick Setter is fast becoming the candlemaker's best friend. Not only will this innovative product center and seat the wicks in your containers, it will speed up your process.

The "Single" EZ Wick Setter was introduced in September of 2004. The response was fantastic. There was nothing like it on the market and wicking is one of those frustrating tasks that candlemakers don't like doing. We brought container wicking out of the dark ages and into the 21st Century. Now, even the candlemaker's children (or even hubby) get in on the action...and LIKE IT!

About a year later, we introduced the "Multi" EZ Wick Setter. Once again, the response was overwhelming. If single wicking was difficult, double and triple wicking was next to impossible. The "Multi" makes it quick and easy!

We're not saying that you can't get your wicks centered in your containers, unless you happen to be "centrally challenged" like I am. But the real value in this great little tool is that it is a tremendous time saver. You will be able to wick your containers in less than half the time.