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The Multi - EZ Wick Setter

Patent Pending

The Multi

This workhorse is destined to be the tool that every candlemaker who double or triple wicks will own. This tool makes double or triple wicking child's play. Just think, offering double or even triple wicked candles for a fund raiser. You would never have considered that before.

The Multi EZ Wick Setter will set either two or three wicks in a container. It can be reconfigured from one combination to another in less than a minute. The spacing between wicks can be adjusted to 3/4", 1 1/2", or 2 1/4".

Multi - Wick Containers and their Dimensions

The Multi EZ Wick Setter will fit the following containers.

Container Type Size (oz) ID OD Depth
Salsa Jar 12 2.750 3.170 3.000
Salsa Jar 16 2.800 3.230 4.200
Keepsake 16 2.850 3.220 3.500
Apothecary (glass lid) 16 2.900 3.370 3.700
Apothecary (metal lid) 16 2.950 3.350 3.850
Tureen 11 3.070 3.500 2.500
Jelly Jar 24 3.100 3.500 4.720
Tureen 20 3.520 3.910 3.000

And many more!

Operating Instructions

Set Up

Step 1. Place the Multi EZ Wick Setter in your container. Loosen thumbscrews and allow wick tube magnets to rest on the bottom of your container.

Step 2. Push each collar down as far as they will go and tighten thumbscrews. (Do not over tighten)

Your tool is now set up for your containers!


Prepare your wicks by attaching a Wick Stickumô (or other adhesive) to the bottom of your wick tabs.

Step 1. Insert a wick into the bottom of each wick tube. The magnet will hold the wicks in place while positioning the tool in your container.

Step 2. Place the EZ Wick Setter in the container. While holding the EZ Wick Setter firmly and squarely on the container, depress each handle, setting the wicks in your container. Note: It is not necessary to use excessive force when setting the wicks.

Step 3. Repeat these three simple steps for each container.

That's it! Your wicks are now perfectly spaced and seated in your container.